Although you don't know us, at DORADO®, our reusable hook and loop securing straps are premium quality products made to secure a variety of items for your storage and organizational needs. 


Most people are familiar with hook and loop products, better known by a famous big-name brand.  The incredible material with that "unmistakable sound" has been a favorite for generations. 


Have you ever wondered why we call some products by certain names, or why using more than one name can identify specific products?  Think of Q-tips®.  Most people today will know that if you ask for a Q-tip®, you're asking for a cotton swab.  There are other brands of cotton swabs, and yet we still associate the original brand name with the actual product. We associate the ease and familiarity of an item with the name, and that's what it becomes. Often, these associations endure for a very long time.  It's the same thing with hook and loop products.  In our case, we're the "Other" brand.


There are endless uses for our multipurpose securing products. Whether you want to organize wires and cables, secure personal or recreational items, you can find the best securing products available at DORADO®! 


We'll be adding new items to our product line soon; please check back if you don't see what you're looking for.  Or, better yet, drop us a line about the products you'd like to see.  We'd love to hear from you!


Our products can be purchased exclusively from Big World Goods at Amazon.com.


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All of our products are currently sold exclusively by Big World Goods on Amazon.  Buy today!

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